Easy weeknight dinner, a.k.a. why I own a casserole dish

I really like this dish, which is weird because I don’t like the main ingredients: frozen spinach and cottage cheese. I enjoy fresh spinach, and I love other types of cheese…but something about these particular foods just ekes me out.

Despite the individual ingredients, this dish tastes awesome. Plus, it’s super easy. Requires no cooking skill. 

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 60 to 90 minutes

Servings: 4-5 hungry person servings/7ish normal servings


Four eggs

3/4 cup flour (you could use whole wheat if you wanted to be healthier)

two 10 oz packages of frozen chopped spinach, thawed (either overnight or in the microwave is fine)

24 oz. cottage cheese

6 oz. grated cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper — Add the amount of salt and pepper you think would be enough. Then add that same amount again. Then add a little more. This recipe neutralizes salt (not literally, obviously, but you need way more than you think).


Preheat oven to 350 or 375. Grease casserole dish. Squeeze the water from the thawed spinach and set aside. Side note — it’s amazing how much water these packs of spinach contain. Be prepared for bewilderment.

Beat eggs. Add the flour and beat until smooth. Add spinach to the mixture. Add everything else. Mix and put in the greased casserole dish. Cook for 60 – 90 minutes, until top is brown. Easy peasy!


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