Bread and a kitchen aid yayyyyy

I’ve been begging my parents for a kitchen aid for about a year now. Baking without a mixer is definitely a challenge, but you do get an awesome arm workout. I managed to find one on craigslist for a reasonable price that my parents agreed to. bang bang pop and a few emails later… voila!

Isn’t she all pretty in pink?
I asked my parents what they’d like me to make for them, considering they DID just buy me an awesome present. They asked for bread. Healthy bread, to be specific. Naturally, I searched joythebaker and found a few recipes. One for garlic knots, which looked awesome and I’m definitely making them another time, but my mom hates garlic, so I figured I should probably make something she likes as a present. So I made whole wheat sunflower seed bread. It was so yummy I ate it all before I remembered to take a picture of the finished product. But I DID remember to take a picture of it in the over… so here it is!




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