s’mores brownies

HELLO! Aliza here. So far you’ve only heard from my glorious sister, Robin. She’s master chef, and I cut vegetables for her stir fries. But when it comes to baking, she’d better step down from her pedestal. Especially if Clare’s with me. Clare is one of my friends, and long story short, we like to be old ladies together. We bake and watch ‘Dance Moms’ and play charades, while the cool kids go out and get drunk. But let’s be real, we’re the real cool kids. ANYWAYS, back to the point. Today Clare came over and we made what I think was the most delicious thing we’ve ever made. And we’ve made A LOT of things. If you’re not an idiot, you already know they were s’mores brownies. Clare and I have a slight obsession with Joy the Baker. She’s basically the best person ever. She has a blog (joythebaker.com) and I HIGHLY suggest you go check it out. I’ve wasted many french classes on her blog drooling over her creations. It’s a nice way to spend the hour before lunch. I in no way take credit for this recipe, it was all Joy. Except for she forgot to write in where to mix the dry and wet ingredients together, so the fact that there’s flour, baking powder, and salt in the brownies I do take credit for.

So here’s some pictures of the process and the final product. If I could put samples on the internet for you to taste, I would, cause these brownies were delicious. I can’t wait to eat one for breakfast.

Actually never mind. The pictures aren’t cooperating and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. So, here’s some pictures and captions without pictures šŸ™‚ use your imagination! #ihatetechnology -_-

the dry ingredients

butter and chocolate… aka crack

crushed graham crackers

mixing the sugar into the butter and chocolate

all mixed up!

adding one egg at a time

mixing the wet and dry ingredients together

fold in the graham crackers


ready for the oven!

the finished product šŸ™‚

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